10 X Best farmers markets in Amsterdam to shop the best local produce >> (2024)

I love to browse around at one of the farmers markets in Amsterdam and check out all the market stalls. Especially on the weekends it’s just so nice to shop seasonalgroceries. For me that’s the start of a typical perfect Saturday in Amsterdam with the family! Wheter I’m shopping for the best (local) organic produce for a dinner at home with friends or just or for a nice cheese board to enjoy during a movie. The local farmers markets in Amsterdam are my go to places for the best ingredients. Where I shop? In this blog I will share my favourite farmers market in Amsterdam so you can shop there too.

10 X Best farmers markets in Amsterdam to shop the best local produce >> (1)


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these are the 10 best farmers markets in Amsterdam

Organic & farmers market Noordermarkt

One of the first farmers markets in Amsterdam! And still one of my favourites since it’s located in the heart of the cosy Jordaan. Go to Café Winkel after shopping your produce and try the delicious homemadeapple-pie.
Noordermarkt, Amsterdam, every Saturday 9 am – 4 pm –boerenmarktamsterdam.nl

Zuidermrkt in Amsterdam old south

A great organic neighbourhood market in the Amsterdam Old South district. Every Saturday with more than 20 market stalls withveggies, fruit, and more produce fresh from localfarmers.
Jacob Obrechtstraat, Amsterdam, every Saturday 9 am – 4 pm –zuidermrkt.nl

farmers market Buikslotermeerplein

This is the number one market to shop organic produce in Amsterdam North. At this farmers market at the Buikslotermeerplein in Amsterdam North you can get yourdailyveggies, fruit,cheese and meat from framers around Amsterdam.
Buikslotermeerplein, Amsterdam, every Saturday 9.30 am – 5 pm –boerenmarktnoord.nl

farmers market Nieuwmarkt

Close to Amsterdam Central Station you find the weekly farmers market at the Nieuwmarkt. Every Saturday producers from all over The Netherlands sell their organic produce at this small farmers market in Amsterdam. This is for sure one of the best farmers markets in Amsterdam.
Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam, every Saturday 9 am – 4 pm –amsterdamnieuwmarkt.nl

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more farmers markets in Amsterdam


This nice and unique farmers market in Amsterdam is held every 1st Saturday of the month. Local entrepreneurs and sustainable craftsmen offer their products at the always fun Buitenmarkt of NoordOogst, at Meteorenweg 280 in Amsterdam North. In addition to tasty food, you will also find many natural products and recycled materials that all carry a special story. The entrepreneurs at the Buitenmarkt want to share these stories with you so that you go home with lots of inspiration and goodies afterwards. Take a tour of the entire NoordOogst site and discover this special place on Saturday from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. There is also an organic restaurant on site (Pof) for coffee or lunch and there is a nature playground for kids.
Meteorenweg 280, Amsterdam Noord, every 1st Saturday of the month – Check the agenda here >>

organic market amsterdam east

At this farmers market in Amsterdam Zeeburg you can buy vegetables, fruit, bread, cheese and other delicacies. This one, unlike many other markets, is not on Saturday but on Wednesday.
Van Eesterenlaan (at Borneo-eiland), Amsterdam – every Wednesday 11.00 – 17.00

organic market Haarlemmerplein in amsterdam

This market can be found every Wednesday. Often the market vendors here are also the makers of the product they sell and are therefore closely involved in the production. Nice!
Haarlemmerplein, Amsterdam – every Wednesday 10.00 – 17.00


This is not a large organic market, as there are only about ten stalls. But you will find plenty of products there and if you are in the area, be sure to check it out.
Minervaplein, Amsterdam – every Friday 08.00 – 19.00

10 X Best farmers markets in Amsterdam to shop the best local produce >> (12)

De Kemphaan, Almere

more farmers and organic markets in amsterdam just a short ride from the city

urban farm Almere

Every Saturday there is an organic market at the Stadsboerderij in Almere. First get the groceries, then a quick tour of the yard. Look in the stables, or have a drink in the grass. I thought this was one of the nicest discoveries when we stayed at De Kemphaan last year!
Kemphaanpad 14, Almere – every Saturday morning – stadsboerderijalmere.nl

the Lindenhoff Marché

This remains so much fun to do, because the little roadtrip to De Lindenoff is already such a joy. First some shopping, afterwards a drink and small bite in the cafe or garden. With kids it’s also nice to look around in the stables. if you’re not having a car you can always go by e-bike! And did you know they also deliver at home throughout the Netherlands?
Rijksstraatweg 21, Baambrugge – Thursday: 12.00 – 17.30, Friday: 09.30 – 17.30, Saturday: 09.30 – 16.30 – lindenhoff.nl

Enjoy shopping at our favourite farmers markets in Amsterdam!

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| TIP: Buy an I amsterdam City Card. Save money on entrance fees to museums and attractions, public transport and profit from discounts on everything from restaurants to concerts. You can also skip some lines to make the most of your time in Amsterdam! You can buy a card for 24 hours up to 120 hours. Check the prices here >>

Our favourite hotels:
Generator Hostel: the best poshtel of the city located in a park.
The Student Hotel: budget proof in trendy East.
Het Volkshotel: affordable and with a cool rooftop bar.
CitizenM: all you need is that XL bed (location near Amstel is great).
Motel One: budget design hotel with locations at
Hotel V: with two locations and a great restaurant, in the city center and East.
Sir Adam: with the coolest view over Amsterdam.
Sweets: a unique stay in former bridge houses.
Park Plaza Vondelpark: located next to Vondelpark and beautifully renovated.
Hotel Dwars: small scale around the corner of the trendy Utrechtsestraat.
Pillows Anna van den Vondel: great hotel close to Vondelpark.
Hotel Mercier: new hotel in the cosy and historic Jordaan district.
INK Hotel: lifestyle hotel in the heart of the city.
The Hoxton: favourite lifestyle hotel right on the canals.
Morgan & Mees: boutique hotel in Amsterdam West.
Conscious Hotel Westerpark: in a beautiful building at the industrial Westergas area.
QO Amsterdam: eco design hotel with a great skybar.
Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam: if you have something to celebrate this is the one.
Pulitzer Amsterdam: on the canals at the border of the Nine Streets and the Jordaan.
L’Europe: this hotel has the best spa with a view in Amsterdam.
Conservatorium Hotel: located in one of the most beautiful buildings in town.
W Amsterdam: with great restaurants and a rooftop bar with swimming pool.

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10 X Best farmers markets in Amsterdam to shop the best local produce >> (2024)


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