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by Marcie //September 4, 2018 (updated 2/23/23)

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Learn everything you need to know about shish*to peppers in this informative guide, including nutrition benefits, how to grow them, and gain access to 17 of the best shish*to peppers recipes!

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Summer is coming to a close, so I’m savoring every bit of produce that I harvest from my garden until it’s gone. My plants are still producing well, but I’m getting much smaller quantities now than I was a few weeks ago.

Shish*to peppers will be one of the things I miss the most when summer is over. My plant has been producing so many, and I simply can’t get enough of these delicious peppers!

If you love them as much as I do, be sure to access the shish*to peppers recipes at the bottom of this post.

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What are shish*to peppers?

Shish*to peppers are Japanese chile peppers. The peppers received the name shishi, abbreviated shish*to, because the tip of the pepper was thought to resemble the head of a lion.

The peppers are a popular snack in the Japanese culture. They’ve become popular in the United States over the past few years, and are offered at restaurants and are sold at farmers markets across the country.

The peppers are about about 2-3 inches long, slender in width, and have thin, delicate walls. They’re also wrinkled and curvy.

They’re typically harvested when bright green, but if they’re left to ripen longer they will turn bright red.

Are shish*to peppers hot?

Normally they have a mild, sweet flavor, but about one out of every 10 peppers is very spicy. This can be due to exposure to the sun or other environmental factors.

I never knew this before, so I’m going to take a little taste test before I pop a whole pepper in my mouth from now on!

When are shish*to peppers in season?

Shish*to peppers are available year round, but they’re in peak season during the summer and early fall.17 Shish*to Peppers Recipes + Produce Guide (3)

How to grow

I planted a shish*to pepper plant in my garden for the first time this year in a raised bed in full sunlight in May, and was harvesting peppers 4-6 weeks later.

I have a drip system set up to water my garden for 10 minutes every morning, and other than that there was no maintenance involved.

The plant grew to about 2 feet high and 2 feet wide. I worried that it may become top-heavy like my jalapeño plant, but it didn’t as shish*to peppers are very light in weight.

My plant has been quite productive. I gave away quite a few peppers to friends as I couldn’t keep up with all of them due to traveling, etc. There were still plenty for me!

My family isn’t into chili peppers which meant that I’ve eaten the bulk of my peppers. I’m not complaining one bit because I can easily eat 1/2 lb. in one sitting….they’re that addictive. 🙂

Shish*to peppers health benefits

Shish*to peppers are very low in calories, carbohydrates and contain no fat. They’re high in Vitamins A and C and rich in antioxidants.
17 Shish*to Peppers Recipes + Produce Guide (4)

Choosing and storing

Shish*to peppers should be firm with no bruises or discoloration.

Store the peppers in a paper or plastic bag in the refrigerator for up to one week depending on how fresh they were when you purchased them.

I typically use the peppers within 3-5 days of harvesting. At times they became a bit soft, but they still cooked up perfectly.

How to prepare shish*to peppers

The most popular way to prepare these peppers is blistering or charring them. The peppers cook over higher heat in minutes due to their thin, delicate skin, and works well on the grill, in the oven or on the stove top.

They’re also wonderful sautéed and may even be eaten raw. Those are the two most popular methods for cooking shish*to peppers.

17 Shish*to Peppers Recipes + Produce Guide (5)

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17 best shish*to pepper recipes

If you’re unsure how to prepare shish*to peppers, try one of the following recipes. From soups to pizzas to stir-fries, there are so many ways to enjoy them!

17 Shish*to Peppers Recipes + Produce Guide (6)

Creamed Shish*to Peppers Recipe

Creamed shish*tos are perfect as a stand-alone side dish, a pizza topping, a taco filling, and so much more.

Get the Recipe

17 Shish*to Peppers Recipes + Produce Guide (7)

Grilled Shish*to Peppers with Lemon and Sea Salt

Grilled Shish*to Peppers with Lemon and Sea Salt are grilled to smoky, charred perfection and finished with fresh lemon juice and flaky sea salt. They're an easy summer appetizer that always pleases a crowd, and recipe includes a number of alternatives to make blistered shish*to peppers!

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17 Shish*to Peppers Recipes + Produce Guide (8)

Easy Shish*to Sweet Red Pepper Soup

This creamy red shish*to pepper soup is the perfect soup for fall. You won’t believe that this flavorful soup is ready in under 30 minutes!

Get the Recipe

17 Shish*to Peppers Recipes + Produce Guide (9)

Thai Ginger Grilled Pork Rice Bowl with Charred Shish*to Peppers

Pickled daikon, thai ginger grilled pork, and shish*to peppers top a pile of jasmine rice.

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17 Shish*to Peppers Recipes + Produce Guide (10)

Black Garlic Shish*to Verde Chicken

A new and unique chicken dish to bring to the dinner table. Gluten-Free and paleo, this chicken is baked and smothered in black garlic, shish*to peppers, and salsa verde.

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17 Shish*to Peppers Recipes + Produce Guide (11)

Shish*to Peppers with Soy Ginger Sauce

Blistered Shish*to Peppers sauteed in Soy Ginger Sauce are an Asian restaurant favorite that you easily make at home with this 20 minute recipe! Serve these tasty peppers as an easy appetizer or side dish!

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17 Shish*to Peppers Recipes + Produce Guide (12)

Japanese Grilled Chicken Skewers (Yakitori) with Shish*to Peppers | The Japantry

Yakitori, Japanese grilled chicken skewers with a new twist! Try making them with shish*to peppers for an added burst of flavor!

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17 Shish*to Peppers Recipes + Produce Guide (13)

Roasted Corn and Shish*to Pepper Pizza

Pesto, mozzarella, and shish*to peppers top an easy homemade pizza crust.

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17 Shish*to Peppers Recipes + Produce Guide (14)

Blistered Shish*to Peppers with Smoky Paprika Aioli

Blistered Shish*to Peppers with Smoky Paprika Aioli make a tasty appetizer that is pretty much the easiest thing I’ve made lately. It’s fun to put them out in front of a group of people and watch the addiction begin.

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17 Shish*to Peppers Recipes + Produce Guide (15)

Sauted Chicken with Shish*to Pepper Sauce over Cheesy Polenta

If you like shish*to peppers, this sautéd chicken with shish*to pepper sauce over cheesy polenta will be a great dish for you to try.

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17 Shish*to Peppers Recipes + Produce Guide (16)

Blistered Shish*to Peppers

Blistered Shish*to Peppers are an extraordinary Asian-style appetizer. With only a touch of seasoning and oil, you’ll learn how to cook shish*to peppers in this most delicious way!

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17 Shish*to Peppers Recipes + Produce Guide (17)

Shish*to Shrimp Stir Fry

In only 15 minutes, with just 8 ingredients, you can make this super simple and delicious Shrimp Stir Fry recipe with Shish*to Peppers!

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17 Shish*to Peppers Recipes + Produce Guide (18)

Easy Sautéd Shish*to Peppers with Soy Ginger Vinaigrette

Shish*to peppers are sautéed until slightly blistered then drizzled with a ginger-soy vinaigrette to create this easy, 10-minute appetizer recipe.

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17 Shish*to Peppers Recipes + Produce Guide (19)

Charred Shish*to Pepper Refried Bean Tostadas

Charred shish*to peppers, onions and refried beans drizzled with a cumin and lime yogurt sauce make a quick but delicious meal.

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17 Shish*to Peppers Recipes + Produce Guide (20)

Grilled Shish*to Peppers

Grilled Shish*to Peppers are possibly the fastest and most interesting appetizer out there.

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17 Shish*to Peppers Recipes + Produce Guide (21)

Blistered Shish*to Peppers with Sausage and Creamy Sriracha Sauce

This 20-minute meal features pork sausage and blistered shish*to peppers over a bed of rice.

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17 Shish*to Peppers Recipes + Produce Guide (22)

Citrus Carrot Salad

Citrus Carrot Salad Recipe is as delicious as it is stunning. It’s like an edible painting. A little bit sweet, and a little bit spicy, every bite is an explosion of flavor!

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  1. Sarah @ Making Thyme for Health Reply

    I’ve had shish*to peppers out to eat but for some reason have been too intimated to make them at home. It’s funny a how a foreign food can scare you away from it, lol. Now that you’ve broken it down in this post it seems a lot less scary. The grilled version sounds so good!

    Hope the blue skies are here to stay for you!

    • flavorthemoments Reply

      I’m like that about so many things and shy away from making things at home! These are so super easy so I hope you give them a try. 🙂 Unfortunately another fire has started and the skies are filled with smoke again. I’m so done with fire season. 🙁

17 Shish*to Peppers Recipes + Produce Guide (2024)


What is the best way to eat shish*to peppers? ›

Blistered Shish*to Peppers Serving Suggestions

They're fantastic with my creamy peanut sauce or sesame ginger dressing. In a pinch, plain tamari or soy sauce is a great choice too. Serve them with drinks for a fun summer happy hour, or make them part of a larger meal.

Why are only 1 in 10 shish*to peppers hot? ›

Why are only some shish*tos hot? The reason behind the variance in heat of many chili peppers from pepper to pepper is due to the amount of capsaicin produced during growing. Capsaicin is the part of the pepper that gives them a spicy kick and makes your mouth feel hot.

How many shish*to pepper plants per person? ›

Each plant will likely produce around 20 peppers. I've found I need to grow about three plants per person in my household to have shish*to peppers on hand for snacking or making appetizers.

What is special about shish*to peppers? ›

While most Shish*to Peppers are mildly sweet in flavor, roughly 1 in every 10 will offer a surprise burst of heat. This makes the Shish*to Pepper an alluring product that piques people's curiosity and emboldens their sense of adventure. It is truly a unique product that offers a one-of-a-kind eating experience!

Do you remove seeds from shish*to peppers? ›

Leave those ribs and seeds alone! Shish*tos can be eaten whole, so all you have to do is cut off the stem—unless you serve them as finger food, where the stem can act as a nifty handle. Each pepper contains a lot of seeds (more than you might expect), but they're totally edible and don't need to be removed.

Are shish*to peppers inflammatory? ›

Have you ever had shish*to peppers? These little guys are the Japanese cousin to Spain's Padron peppers and are full of high anti-inflammatory properties. I've recently become hooked as they make for great FODMAP snacks or even as a quick appetizer to serve to a crowd.

What does shish*to mean in Japanese? ›

The name, "Shish*to", derives from the Japanese words "shishi", which means "lion", and "togarashi", which translated to "chili pepper". Hence, in Japan, it is known as the "Lion Head pepper".

How do you know if shish*to peppers are bad? ›

If they become soft, they're most likely past their prime. If they become slimy, or you see mold developing on them, it's time to throw the old ones away, and buy some fresh. Try Instacart for fresh produce same-day delivery, and have shish*to peppers just as you want them delivered to your door.

How long do shish*to peppers last in the fridge? ›

Shish*to peppers will last up to two weeks (maybe longer) when kept dry and stored in the fridge. They're still good as long as they're firm and not mushy. Ripe shish*tos are bright green, but if you find a red or orange pepper in the bag, it's perfectly normal and fine to eat.

Can I freeze Shish*to peppers? ›

These peppers can be frozen to use later. Freeze them in a heavy duty freezer bag.

How deep to plant Shish*to peppers? ›

Potting soil that does not contain inorganic fertilizer is best for germinating seeds. Plant seed 1/4 inch deep and cover lightly. Place the pot to receive full sun and keep the soil evenly moist. To transplant a pepper seedling into a pot, fill a 12-inch deep and wide container with quality potting mix.

What can I plant with Shish*to peppers? ›

Control pests: Shish*to peppers can become infested by aphids, whiteflies, and thrips. Plant near companion plants, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, and basil to keep pests at bay.

What is the cousin of the shish*to pepper? ›

Have you heard of the shish*to pepper yet? It's the Japanese cousin to the more well-known padrón pepper. Like padróns, shish*tos are mild, but compared to its Spanish counterpart, there's an even smaller chance of coming across a spicy one (usually about 1 in 10).

Are shish*to peppers a superfood? ›

💪 Nutritional Powerhouse

Shish*to peppers pack a punch with their nutritional content. They're brimming with vitamins and antioxidants, essential for maintaining good health. Each pepper is a mini treasure trove of Vitamin C, contributing to immune defense, and Vitamin A, supporting eye health.

What does it mean when shish*to peppers turn red? ›

If you wait too long to harvest your shish*to peppers, they will start turning red. Red shish*to peppers are still edible, however, they don't have as rich of a sweet and spicy flavor.

How healthy are shish*to peppers? ›

Besides Vitamin C, shish*to peppers have a high amount of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E. These contribute to improving the immune system as well as the body's nervous system. Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E also prevent the cells and tissues from getting damaged. This keeps immunity levels up at all times.

Do shish*to peppers go in the fridge? ›

Keep shish*to peppers in a paper or plastic bag in the warmest area of the refrigerator. If purchased when fresh, they can last in your crisper drawer for up to 2 weeks. Have some fresh leftover shish*tos? Freeze them whole, and save for a little bit of summer during colder months.

What do shish*to peppers taste like? ›

Shish*to peppers are small green peppers from Japan. They are slightly mild and sweet tasting, but occasionally you will bite into one with some heat. I buy mine from Trader Joes or Whole Foods, but you may be able to find them in your local grocery store.


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