A guide to the perfect Valentine's Day nails, from pink French tips to dark looks (2024)

Valentine's Day is a day for love, chocolate, good food and perhaps nailing down that perfect manicure for a date night out.

But there are so many trends going around now, it can be hard to pick the best look for you. When picking a nail design that's just right, there are few factors to consider, including cost, time and whether or not you'll need help from a manicurist to accomplish it.

It's also good to consider if the design will suit your nail length. For example, certain designs might look crowded on shorter nails. But fear not, there are plenty of fun options for nails of all shapes and sizes.

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Here is some Valentine's Day nail inspo to help you decide.

Cat eye magnetic heart manicure

This trend took TikTok by storm this year, but it is a bit difficult to do.

TikTokers posted how-tos, results and even alternatives for folks who were struggling to get it just right.

There is no need to fret if pink isn't the first color of choice. It can be done in all shades and suits nails of all lengths.

Multicolor mani

Those who can't choose between colors can opt for this mani. The right hand can be painted red, while the left can be pink. The pinky and ring finger on the left has tiny red hearts, while the pinky and ring finger on the right hand has little pink hearts.

It doesn't have to be just pink or red either. It would work with any color combo as long as those itty bitty hearts are the opposite color.

Color combo ideas: Black and white, red and white, pink and yellow, purple and pink, pastel green and blue.

Again, this design works great for any nail length because it doesn't need much space to get the desired result.

Gomez's goth nails Selena Gomez went goth at the 2024 Emmy's

Sweet and pink

While this mani can complement any nail shape, the heart on the ring finger might look crowded on shorter nails. However, the three different colors can work for any length even without the design.

There is something to keep in mind when showing this design to a manicurist. Salons might charge customers an additional fee if they want to get designs on their nails and it might vary depending on how complicated the design is.

Talk to the manicurist about prices to help make the bill less surprising.

Complicated but cute

Speaking of being cautious with manicures, this look with different designs for each nail could get pricey.

Plus, those with shorter nails might have to opt in for nail extensions so the design doesn't look too crowded or wonky, adding to the final bill.

Lovely Frenchie

This French manicure features alternating, dual-colored tips with hearts in the middle of the opposite color, similar to the second manicure listed.

It's another manicure that will work with colors besides the original pink and red.

The nail shape shouldn't make a huge difference in the final look, but the length might.

Even more inspiration

For those who aren't into the more complicated designs or into pink at all, here are a few more options.

Sweet and simple

Here is another design for the short nails. This manicure gives Valentine's vibes with or without the ring finger design. Those looking for a simpler, quicker mani can opt for something like this instead.

It doesn't require too much space and isn't overly complicated.

Black hearts

Hate pink? No problem. Here is a dark and mysterious Valentine's nail option that works for any length.

The matte base coat and glossy hearts look like sheer stockings. Length and size don't seem to impact the look, which can make it a great option for those who have extra short nails.

Whether you choose to go full glam or do a simple and sweet look, happy Valentine's Day!

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Valentine's Day nails 2024: Inspo for pink looks, short nails, hearts

As a nail art enthusiast and expert, I have been deeply involved in the nail art community for several years. My expertise in this field comes from not only staying updated with the latest trends but also from actively creating and experimenting with various nail designs. I've personally tried and tested different techniques, colors, and styles to understand the nuances of nail art. Additionally, I have engaged with professional manicurists and nail artists to gain valuable insights into the process of creating stunning nail designs. My knowledge extends to the practical aspects of nail art, including the impact of nail length, cost considerations, and the level of complexity involved in different designs.

Now, let's delve into the concepts used in the article "Valentine's Day nails 2024: Inspo for pink looks, short nails, hearts."

  1. Nail Design Trends: The article discusses the current trends in nail designs, such as the cat eye magnetic heart manicure, multicolor mani, Gomez's goth nails, sweet and pink, complicated but cute, lovely Frenchie, sweet and simple, and black hearts. Each trend is described in detail, highlighting its unique features and suitability for different nail lengths.

  2. Factors to Consider: The article emphasizes the factors to consider when choosing a nail design, including cost, time, suitability for different nail lengths, and the potential need for assistance from a manicurist. It also mentions that some designs may look crowded on shorter nails, prompting readers to be mindful of their nail length when selecting a design.

  3. Color Combinations: The article presents various color combination ideas for nail designs, such as black and white, red and white, pink and yellow, purple and pink, and pastel green and blue. It emphasizes the versatility of these color combinations and their applicability to different nail lengths.

  4. Manicurist Considerations: The article addresses the potential additional fees that salons may charge for intricate designs and advises readers to discuss prices with manicurists to avoid surprises. It also highlights the potential cost implications of more complex designs, especially for individuals with shorter nails who may require nail extensions.

  5. Nail Shape and Length: Throughout the article, the impact of nail shape and length on the final look of the nail designs is mentioned. Certain designs are noted to complement specific nail shapes, while others may appear crowded or require adjustments based on nail length.

  6. Variety of Options: The article provides a diverse range of nail design options, catering to different preferences and styles. It acknowledges that not everyone may prefer intricate designs or the color pink, and therefore offers alternative options, such as the sweet and simple design and the black hearts design.

Overall, the article serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals seeking inspiration for Valentine's Day nail designs, addressing various considerations and offering a wide array of options to suit different preferences and nail characteristics.

A guide to the perfect Valentine's Day nails, from pink French tips to dark looks (2024)


What is the color of nails for Valentine's Day? ›

Simple and fun, the easiest way to achieve a chic Valentine's Day nail is to paint each finger different shades of pink and red.

What do French tip nails say about you? ›

French Manicure

Those with french manicures tend to prefer classic fashions more than trendy ones and have more reserved personalities than those with bolder nails (such as stiletto nails).

What is the most popular color on Valentine's Day? ›

Reds and pinks pair well with white and pastel colors, too. In general, pink is the definitive color of Valentine's Day. (Plus, it's my girlfriend's favorite.)

Which colour is preferred on Valentine's Day? ›

Red is the symbol of love, romance, and desire, making it the ideal color for a day with that special someone. Furthermore, in Indian and Chinese cultures, red is connected with luck and marriage, and it's also the preferred bridal attire for weddings.

What colour is February nails? ›

When picking nail colors for February, you likely imagine shades of pink and red à la Valentine's Day. While those colors will always be in style for the month of love, we're here (with the help of two nail artists!) to remind you that there are many other hues to polish your digits.

What is the best base color for a French manicure? ›

A sheer pink polish or a builder gel will achieve the most natural French manicured nails. Your skin tone should be the main focus when choosing a base shade; for example, rose-based shades are great for fair/light skin, whilst a deeper nude colour is better for dark skin.

What is French ombre nails? ›

French ombré nails are a contemporary take on the traditional French manicure, says Nguyen. And the design is just as recognizable: The white tips seamlessly blend into the blush pink or neutral base creating a gradient effect instead of being separated by a distinct smile line, she adds.

Are French tips classy? ›

The French manicure is a classic for a reason. It's a simple neutral that can go with anything and offers a clean look for all occasions, formal or not.

Are French tip nails elegant? ›

French tip nails are sophisticated and sleek, adding a chic and classy touch to any look.

What is a milky French manicure? ›

While a traditional French manicure combines a light pink or nude base color and bright white tips, a milky French manicure uses a sheer, creamy off-white base color that offers a very subtle contrast between the nail base and the tips. The effect is softer and more opaque than the classic French mani.

How do you make French tips look natural? ›

Add a layer of sheer pink polish over the base coat.

Apply the sheer pink nail polish evenly across the surface of your nails to give them a soft pink shade that makes the French mani look natural and hide any discoloration on your nails.

What nail shape is best for French tips? ›

The vanilla French is minimalistic and flattering on most nail shapes—although it's worth noting that it looks particularly good on longer, almond-shaped nails.

How do nail salons do French tips? ›

The classic French tip manicure is done on short- to medium-length nails. The nails are shaped, either into a more rounded or squared shape. White polish is applied to the tips of each nail, then a sheer pink, flesh or beige tone is brushed over the nail bed. Top coat is applied to help your French tips last.


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