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ttf i I Saturday April 1 1 I Lhe Afro American bouth Bicrnest and Best Weekly Call Vtsr non OU I Call VErnori OUIO NEW DOPE RING IN SOUTH BALTIMORE' POLICE By Jay Watson r2Jr Amos Even Look At His OwriJVatch Chesapeake Bay Traffic Said To Be Big Supply Source Here MANY ARRESTS MADE George Robinson Alleged IN MEMQftlAM DEATHS IN MEMORIAM Business and Industr 937 IN MEMORIAM 14 1 nil Ar Othcrs Taken BY HIS CHILDREN me man left IN MEMORIAM WEEKLY SURVEY I Migrants Warned life four ears Against rauds all mg By George 'Wells Barker took un Evcn though he is dead yet does he weep THE CHILDREN AND 15 Years Ago one (I Auto StaiU On Track stalled on the tracks Our mother illness passed Moose Drive On Join the Moose CJU shining the one of our 5 1919 Through on of Lin Says Pensy Survey of sing In the Pocket UNERAL DIRECTORS an suit rest Balt irnorc Md aaaaa Total liabilities $232108525 BRANCH CI HI 0 ipwgni 15615500 EDWARD RINGGOLD' 58290300 1778403' who 1482055 300009 238086 Pl 3 000 Oh 4 WOODSTOCK Page Eighteen' 0 0 not on even till by these thuusands 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 c0 pro and dear who April In life I did In death I Heart of my Under the that man That 1 do not think of you It is lonely here without you And sad along thO way or life is not the same for me Since you were called away Lexington ITeston Though gotten Your place days 24 53 Buchanan I 1'144 Penna ave Sleep on dear irest God called you and dr gOOd he is more thn a good live retailer he is this reason the and7 Northwest promised pros Jraee Md seriously injured by you the same few more struggles here A few more partings o'er unicipal this 1 George Boone 60 Annie Meyers 15 Thomas Harris Haymond Short It 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 i 0: Ou 0 80? Plum 85 539 thou behold his monument? 7 Look daughter and take your 'My Lord Thy will be done" HIS W1KE AND I CHILDREN MRS BERTHA GROSS I will throw thousands of men and further conditions has been were Brown taken throw KYLER In loving remembrance of our our dear mother Ualverta Naylor who this life fly vears ago April 6 192Q on posal plant Tho railroad branch plant the Gohl pa indicates an liabilities except $2213 REPAIRING REBUILDING SUPPLIES' BALTIMORE TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE 418 PARK AVENUE Mn JACOB A WILSON Dl'ES Jacob A Wilson died March residence of his niece 539 The director of the Employment Bureau reports week that the outlook is bright labor and that loea rapidly absorbing the There is still employment but warm weather John Henry Murphy ounder and Publisher of THE ARO AMERICAN Died April 5 1922 0 0 0 Oi INDEPENDENT BENEVOLENT PROTECTIVE ORDER MOOSE THE WORLD INC Caroline 72G13 ranklin' Mercy Hospital O' 0 0 0 A Weekly Review Of abor and Business Conducted by William Jones home he thought it best He saw your suffering here was great And opened wide the golden gate BY HER DVNG MOTHER MRS LOUISA DEAL Chestertown Md ike up the slack that Pennsylvania is very several large mines UNEARTH DOPE RING IN SOUTITBALTIMORE memory of Smith who Mr a esting Mary dear you are with patience she stru This plant will not only give work to our group funeral Director and Embalmer 3 prefer oth look at PRICE when you need an undertaK 'iWrigh plants Ui phlS however much with the advent ol many outside con up work and com 1 in demand ONE YEAR AGO Items from the Afro American April 11th 1924 Trixie Smith chamnion er played the Star Theatre A Ministers met in 103th annual confer ence at Metropolitan Church Washing ton Harry Wills signed to meet Bartley Madden Mr Joseph Russell and Mrs Elizabeth Herndon were mar ried was captured in a considerable in lis ppssesslon the wholesaler of through his capture in Preston 1622 Druid Hill 9 1114 Mount Cleveland Ohio According a 'report from the Department of Labor last week it is said that Dr Joel Branch reports that Negro migrants from: the southern' states have begun entering Cleveland again in'search of employment in the various plants and1 factories this city It is claimed in the report that there already existed a surplusupply of 'both white and colored laborers here and that7 recently there has been considerable unem ployment deuressioc the ranks' of the Negra tL nnn A vc 1811 White WALLACE In sad but loving remem branve uf my beloved husband and our father Thomas Wallace Who departed this life three years ago Aprli CHASE This fs to certify that Henry Chase died on April 1st 1921 Sleep on my dear Henry My loss was your eternal gain I miss you more and more each day The first of April is my saddest time WIE ROSA CHASE 515 Bruce GROSS In sad hut loving' remem brance of our dear brother Albert Gross: who departed this life one vear neo A nrll 6 1 T4 I Dear brother how we miss you tongue on earin can tell But God loved you best so he i you home to rest: ITEMS ROM THE ARO AMERICAN APRIL 9 1910 Hon Charles Banks of Mound Bayou Mississippi addressed Arkanssa State Negro Business League The Reverend Dr William Weaver formerly pastor at Madison Street Presby terian Chart of this city was installed as pastor of Senate Avenue Presbyterinn Clinrch Irdiinanolis Campaign was begun to Tn1se $1000 for resh Air und Jack Johnson began training for his coming fight with James Richard name was in Senate for con firmation as Secretary of Legation at Monrovia The Reverend Dr A Hughes returned to serve his sixth term as pastor of Sharp fetreet Memor ial Church i i pimf mn 1 1 11 1 1 11 i R) Vi kvi i period but will employ a large num ber when completed Havre de Rumsey was Pennsylvania railroad express when his 1 ord ear near here The car was thrown 15 feet in lhe air and Rumsey 10 feet further in a stream of water MRS ROBERT A ELLIOTT uneral Directress and Embalmer 1 am the eoie 'uprieto tins business I In this weary world of strife And you shall never be forgotten As long as God gives me life BY HER DAUGHTERS December 31st 1924 Total income during the year I $203035774 1 otai 'ing Total SCOTT In memory of our dear mother nerity is none in these regions now The steel industry is still running below 100 per cent capacity and from the orders coming in it is likely that there will be nrucli in crease during the first half Many Negroes are canting North now and are finding things veryhard Jt is to be regretted that they come 'without advice They should know what thev are doing and what conditions are before leaving Busi ness is still depressed and while there is a promise of 'improvement it hasn't appeared The beet advice is to remain at work where you are until there 'is more of a than now 1 TEN YEARS AGO Items from the Afro American of April 10 1915 Monroe Trotter editor of the Bos ton Guardian delivered a stirrlnc ad Iress at Union Baptist Church Oscar On Priest was elected as Aiderman in Chicago Residents of northwest sec tion requested the removal of the saloonf Oscar Goede (white) from Druid Hill tvenue and Moore street opposite Druid Hill avenue school Howard Drew the 120 yard sprint record for the Pacific Coast Drew conceded for yards his competitors end dressmaking class opened at In tht arrest of Geo Robin son 621 Sharp street author think they have the head of an organized do ring that lias been operatinsr tor some time in South Baltimore Robinson whf his home witl i amount of is alleged to be a a 1 I formation was divulged that lead to'important arrest in Norfolk Vir giria The most important is thatof Brown a notorious arrest was occas ioned wherf a large quanity of the dn gs were waylaid in the malls nroute to itoninson ironi nrown The arrest of these two important 'men will probably close the avenue whereby the dope is imported in wholesale lots YOU 155 Di2UHk WITH HOOTCH! GO AWftV' CALL THE POLICE! waiIe coe out of ny bed' UKE THIS to ASIC WHAT TiCOE! 1 nftPPr a JMa oariiir rshm with iinjon Ion Guaranteed Long Datuice 1 Ad 41G Carriages forf 'All' Occasions CLARENCE WRIGHT it i I Throughout County 3 Little changes in general condi tions have appeared during the last week While there are a few prom ising bright spots in different parts of the North as a whole conditions are very quiet and many men art still seeking employment The building season will start next month and while it will absoib a large number of men it is a ques tion whether or not the demand will be able to now exists ouiet and threaten to close down If tley do this out of employment complicate the labor No legislation passed by Congress for the aid of the farmers and lor whole of the West is still awaiting the a certainty tha there mnn Hhiir Will The announcement in this paper 5 Montgomery Wai'u would probably cm women In its as stimulated Jones Wilk er on were taken which time and heroin William low were seen to stove iluring a raid Officers making the raid recox cred the package be fore it was destroyed and found It to contain several capsules of dope annie Robinson 621 Sharp street was also taken of her arre SCOTT Departed this life March OBITUARY 1925Tlosa (Johnson) Scott Mount street he deceased was one of the pioneers of Grace Presbyterian Uhuruli Baltimore and continued a devoted member to her death She was 'born in County Maryland tiie daughter of tjie late Shorter and Cath erine Johnson or many years she gave faithfulservice in the' family of the late George Brown Esq of Breen Spring Valley to whom she wasY greatly devoted uneral service took place Thursday April 2nd at Grace Presbyterian Church by the pastor Rev Colbert Interment in Mt Auburn Cemetery Survivers are a husband Philip Scott tour daughters Mrs Sana Newton At kintic City Mrs Brad ford and Mrs Nellie Hale Philadelphia Pa and Mrs Katie Adison three grandsons three granddaughters and one great grandson HALL Attribute of love to my husband Ed ward Wilson Hall departed this life one year ago 1924" Uahed from this world tofi oerfret Lord who knoweth best BY HIS' WIE MRS JULIA JOHN SON HALL CHASE In remembrance of my dear mother Mary Chase who left us one ear ago tins 1 April Mother you are gone not (forgotten GERTRUDE KHNXA11D 510 treet 1 sad but1 loving remembrance dear mother Alice (' who this life six years ago April or salesman He is a salesmen He is a reputation He is a a good citizen at the time it Robinson Is expected to turn evidence that will intfrminate several ring leaders in the underworld Both he and his wife will be represented by Davis and Evans Attorney Lewis lagg Jr will represent several of the Qjhers 'Officers believe that much of the dope reaching ths city is being smuggled up the Chesapeake bay BURLEY hi loving memorv dca mother irlcy died 15 years ago April 11 1910 Me have only your memory mother 60 itei: hs renorted this week Of this number 11 were infants me year of age and under' Maggie bpince 43 io a Jonn Bright 1 John Garrison 44 rancis Ertdv Marguerite Queen 24 S17 Born Alley John Smith 35 926 Ashland Ave Emory Goode 8 1101 Howard Brandon Sarah Collins 56 Jncob A Wilson Nettie Other 44 Kate Whiting 21 Joseph Cornish Anna Jones 78 8 Charles Boston 40 1118 Mosher Ralph Cothey 32 2L6 Parrish Helen Rosss 33 738 Mulberry Mary isher 75 1314 Orleans Thomas Queen 66 605 Warner Albert Gunther' 29 731 Cumberland Gerold Dorsey 1 1103 Berkley Bettie Watts 39 Hramon Anna Henley 50 226 Bruce Mary isher 68 1311 Bayard William Venture 4 1012 Mosher Elfabeth rederick 53 349 Camel Elia Hicks 59 1727 Druid Hill Elva Bundy 8 1625 Miller Philip King 58 Bay View Hospital John Clvde 70 263 Harts Place Janies "Williams 45 Overlea Md William Stevenson 18 min 1131 Kirk David Sutton 70 433 iConway Paul Beverly 53 1100 Albert Johnson 45 717 W1 Mulberry William Holmes 59 1815 Druid Hill Columbus Crosby 71 513 Lee Annie Watkins 304 Gilmor Delaware (joins 27 Sparrows Point Nathaniel Williams 7 nios61 7 Eden Joseph Irwin 49 21 Regester Zvi a UfUiiior'' 118 Ajax' 1 A few more tears and we shall no more BY HLS DEVOTI'D SISTERS BROTHERS MARY GROSS MRS AGNES GL JOHNSON brance of niy dear devoted daughter nary rawioru departed tins me year ago April 8th In my heart ypur memory lingers Tenderly kind and true: Alice Jones 70 573 Oxford lames alk 34 736 Bradley 30 He had been paralized for about 15 years He was the brother of Mr Perry Wil son of Pleasantville and Mrs Mary Raison Providence I Several nieces and nephews also survive 1463 North Carey Street near Gold I Rhuiie ilAduuu Cloeed In loving remembrance of mv dear wife and my mothe Nora Phillips who fell asleep four vears ano April 7 192K God called our dear Nora And she obeyed the ch 11 lr Trv 1iei' hAtnA ui In loving remembrance of our dfar mother and grandmother Laura Burgess who departed this life six years ago April 11 1919 Sweet memories will linger Time cannot change them true Years nhat may come cannot sever Dur loving remembrance of vou BY HER DAUGHTERS AND GRANDCHILDREN last week tha and Company ploy a number of clerical denartment much interest The employment de partment of this concern will open April 15th and the management states that applicants for fill posi tions should apply after that date Colored applicant: will be given theame consideration as others ac cording to a statement made by the head of the firm Since last December the Bethlc hatn Steel Corporation in its local plant has added 400 men and are expecting to take on more until the normal number employed Reports from the Eastern Shore indicates that the fruit and espec ially the strawberry industry has promising outlook The strawberry industry reflects its properity here in Baltimore in many ways Large groups of seasonal laborers are needed to gather the crop rm nf tli inonev nut into culation passes through local hands Among local buildingprojects up on which laborers may be used are the following otal 'capital $221334747 Surplus over all labilities 10773731 Surplus as to policyholders 107737131 dear nmther Sarah Kyler who drpar(e1 this life one year ago April 5th 1924 JOLLEY In sad but loving remem bianee of my beloved daughter Susan Earle who ileparted tms ago April 10 1921 my best for have done life is buried 'deep sod where you are asleep Hie dav is brightest a gloom steals in my heart And it brings back sad memories Of the day God bid us part BY MOTHER AND AMHA' MARIA EARLE 191 Washington Street Cam bridge Md can never mnu be filled We? will keep your' imemory sacred Until lour hearts in death are BY I HER HUSBAND AND CHIL DREN i Many arrests for vitiation of the Harrison Drug Act have been made In this seetioff of thtf city through out the last two months Joshua 104 Yorl street and Bercy 1000 block Race street recently in a raid 67 eapsuels of cocain recovered and Maggie Bar vvhep they were package in the IVE YEARS AGO Items from the Afro American April Sth 1920 rederick name was nosed for Hal lof Kame Pace Handy New York music publishers bld on Henry Astor estate which was sold at public auction Brother Isaiah colored healer drew thousands in Orleans ircima union defeated coin Unoiversity 7 0 at baseball In sad but loving remem brance of our dearest mother Mary who departed this life three years ago April 5th 1922 Pis not the tears at the moment shed That tells how jicloved is the soul that fled But the tears through many nightswept And the sad remembrance so fondlvkept HER LOVING CHILDREN MAJOR Novv I knovv Sweet memories of everywhere Oh how sweet Sounds to in who Now all that I have Of the only HER SISTER The family iof the late Cecelia Tavhr Rollins wish to thank the friends aid lodges for their sympathy and floral tributes during their recent bereai( merit ELIJAH ROLLINS AND AMILY! il CARDS THANKS The family of the late Rosa (John son) Scott wish to express their deep est appreciation for the'many ways of expression of kindness during the 111 ness of their mother and their ynipa" thy of bereavement by their host of friends 1 PHILLIP SCOTT MRS BANA NEW TON' MRS ELIZA BHADORn MRS NELLIE HALE MRS KAT ADDISON 1 Ph'ne Olfe 6590 immediate Service Day and Niglu 1725 Ashland Avenue I Corner McDonough St Airs Ida Snovvden Assistant tAS 1 STREET W9 GODDARD In loving remembrance of my dear son rank Taylor who de narted this life two ago Anril Sth 1923 I I am never without you 1 The time is passing fastjSnme day in perfect silence 1 must the river pa 1 But you have never left me 'And when the waves roll fast I know will be with me And whisper 'Safe at last? 1 vBY HIS BROKENHEARTED MOTH CR I STRANGE In sad but "living remem brance of my dear 'i stand who died one year ago April 1 itn Gone but not forgotten Nor will he ever" be oras long as life and memorv last I will always thing of thee JD' HIS LOVING WIE MARION LOW LDEN In sad memory of mv dear husband William 'L who diedone year ago April 7 1924 No one knows my longing No one sees me weep 1 shed tears from an aching heart While others are fast asleep Unknown and forgotten By some you may bel But the grave that contains vou AVill never befergutten lw me BY HIS LOVING WIE JULIA BOWLDEN 1 1 49 Carey street Mrs Jas Dennis i Successor to James Dennis THE OLD ELIa'bLE CUT RATE UN A Edward Kelson Mgr rresstman Street BALTIMORE AID Phone MAdison 3076 name of sister feels so sad is the memory I had i LEN A l) RD t'h 0 Theatr Saunders aJecufecb! consent LU Urtr lnG 5 of tile Arizona Smith 3 A Live Merchant He is a man who is always busy anticipating the cus wants 1 He is a man who keeps his counters and shelves clean orderly and attractive He is a man who knows the value of window displays He is a man who knows the value of advertising and advertising material supplied by the manufacturer without qost to the retailer And he puts his advertising material on top of the counter instead of under it He is a man who always has a welcome sincere smile whether a customer a manufacturer wholesaler broker year ago April 8 1921 One year has passed dear mother Since you vent home to rest Though gone you're not forgotten By the ones who loved you best You don't lynow the sorrow to be alone Until God sends a message to jour home It is hard when he calls for one or the iother But it is hac nf all when he calls Tor dear mother BY HER DOROTHY SCOTT disbursem*nts dur the year 1662 354 S( admitted assets 232108528 Hastenln There to greet us all BY HER HTTKRAND JOSEPH AND GILBERT PHILLIPS In memory we ofttimes see The one we love' so dear Tlie vision grows socelMir sometimes ir i sue must ue near BY HER Sis ETS ANNIE BROWN tonsvillo work has started $12000060 sewerage dis tomp let ion 01 tne to the $1000000 Du Twin Cont is planning to construct here early starting ot woik Amount at risk in Unit I ed Stales Dec 311924 $4277961100 AJIIUUHL mint'll 111 AlaiJ land during 1924 (or Amount written in Mary land during 1924 (In dust rial Premiums in Maryland in 1924 (Crtjinary) Premiums in Maryland in 1924 (Industrial) Losses paid in Maryland 'Tn 1924 (Ordinary) Losses paid in Maryland in 1924 Industrial) Losses Incurred in Mary land in 1924 (Ordi "nary)' Losses incurred in Mary land in 1924 (Indus trial) Among the new industrial occupa tions being opened: by the executive secretary! of the Armstrong Asso ciation of Philadelphia is the start ing of a class for young colored wo men as dental assistants 1 This project is an effort to pro vide remunerativ employment for trose colored girls who have finished high g'klI and: who the other hand have been fitted for occupations other than those to domestic and personal service They are being taught make appoint ments wait on the dentist at the chair sterilize' instruments clean ray plates? and ntr cement I gold (inlays and the IT Interested city dentists are being canvassed for the employment of these girls the garment industry a Vlas in power 'machine operation Ikts also bepn sta led 285086 TATE MARYLAND 'Office of the STATE INSURANCE 7 xr it i''TlL'1 rtfvj 7 Id March 2 12251 I hereby Certify That the above Is a true abstract taan from the An ial Statement the North Caro lina Mutual Life' Insurance Co i ham for the year ending De cember 31 1924 now on file In this Department CORNILJ BENSON IJ tl hl'U Yi i a m4 Riddlesome riddlesome rocket! What does a small boy carry in his pocket? A recent inventory of a Baltimore pockets were bulging almost to the bursting point with a collection of curious articles and listed as fol lows: Nine hickory nuts a motor cycle wrench a rubber band a radiator drain plug a pair of pliers two ornamental harness rings a tire core a stub pencil large button a pair of leather gloves ditto cotton a celluloid hairpin two lead weights for fishing lines and an illustrated page from a magazine a United States marine collar bnrament a button from a marine blouse a leather shoelace a small stove bolt a large flat wsher a stove hinge rivet a enpenny nail two matches and a spring from an oscillating magneto Cleveland Captain mers of Columbus Ohio': liam 2' Smith editor of the Cleveland zet and Jqs Johnson were ed trustees of Wilberforce by ernor Donahey last week P1 Love Suit Settled New York lorence leddinztrn white suing Isaac Ulin an white for $1 50 ouo claiming breach of promise reported' to hu settled the case out of court Ulman at first refused to pay U11 the ground that Miss Reddlntfon'ibaby has colored blood 1 Phtsb rgh a Ln an eloquent address' delivered in Pittsburgh Council Chambers her riday after noon in the presence of Dr Ellen Potter director of the State De partment of Welfare: (Mayor Wil liam A Magee members of the heads of lineal chari anti welfare agencies Cards Of Thanks 1 The family of the late Win Holmes who died March 29 1925 to thank the many friends fof their kindness and: sympathy during 'th bereavement I This Order is one of the most interesting profitable and influential bodies of its kind in the World There Is flesh and blood and brain behind it all there is a i knowledge of fraternal undertakings that might serve you with efficiency and I solid security The Ritual of this Order is beautiful but impressive and many have told us that this is the finest Organization they have experienced It will give us pleasure to have you join this Organization and make use of the various claims we offer We can give you sound and helpful advice and become a 1 convenience to you in brotherly and sisterly fellowship urther we offer you equal i portions of our benefits and a great share in our growth and development OR YOUR INORMATION WE OER THE OLLOWING: Regular Joining ee women $700 Regular Joining tee men $1000 Joining ee club form 250 Joining ee club form 350 i Weekly Sick Benefits $7 to $10 Death Benefits after 6 mos $150 to $200 i Public meeting will be held at the Hall 1221 Myrtle Ave on 13 and 29 1925 from 8 to 11 Ages ranging from 21 to 45 years Joseph Washington 821 Vine St Organizer Harry Tyler 632 Haw St Secretary It Brooks Succ'csor I uneral Director and Embalmer Will give to (nt very Dsl and courleouj service possib Armstrong Opens New ield Ouf in garden where sympathy Gud )knted a the soul of grbw you: Life's wAn rful garden love seeking went thiough ''fill he found a heart 'was the heart of you I have sought throut garden of roses true AndH found orc sweet blossoip all jew eieo wun aew Love sympathy fa and true Is the heart of my flowers dear hus band it is vou BY HIS DEVOTED WIE JULIA WALLACE OLLANDr MrsGeorae Holland Successor i uneral Director and Embalmer Limousines and Carnages for All Occasions Open Day and Night furnish unera a price that will suit you tov cum and 'iTt Atte: 1631DruicLHi'l Avenue Ac 1J i'lluuu ilauiuvii Vo92 Condensed Statement Showing the condition of the North Carolina Life Insurance Co DURHAM NORTH CAROLINA: dear To remember our whole Ufa through But sweetness will (linger forever xve treasure the image of von BY HER LOVING DAUGHTERS XORA IRENE LOUISE AND RQSIE MARRIAGES John Leadenball Marie 19 GAINES Lst Washington: Iena Ti 24 Washington William 57 1416 Orleans: Hattie A 44 John 32 1111 Madison Ave: lorence 32 rows Point Hattie 21 Baltimore MURRAY SCOTT 1'o'Ztain 24 Spar George 32 Washington 31 Washington Arthur 51 Wash ington! ('ora 40 Washington BOON John IL 22 515 West: Ethel 20 '5 a crown the years hands that made our home you're gone you're not for HTERS MARY and ERNESTINE GROSS In loving remembrance nf my dear husband Richard Albert Grosswho departed this life one year ago'to day (April 6 1924 i Beloved by his five children and all who iknew him His life was so pure and his Christian faith so undoubted that we may feel the blessed assurance that he has gone to the home prepared for those who love land faithfully serve the Lord Jesus My Jesus as Thou wilt! may Thy will be mine Into thy hand of love would "my 1111 resign A Thru sorrow or thru joy Conduct me as Thine own talilN social orrester 13 Washington executive secretary of the Armstrong Assocla tion of Philadelphia declared the survey just conducted by us shows the Negro population of Pennsyl vania to be 440000 instead of 200 000 as reported br the 8 Census Seventy eight per cent of the Ne gro population of Pennsylvania re side in the cities of Philadelphiaand Pittsburgh We Co nd also that the Negroes are farther advanced industrially in Pittsburgh district than they are tn the Eastern of the State Housing conditions are worse for Negroes "in Pittsburgh than in Philadelphia Pittsburgh has a higher percentage of Negroe in high school has 'Philadelphia The meeting was opened a short address by Mayor' Magee Ed win vy preside nt of the Pitts burgh Urban League presided Dr' Ellen Potter explaned 'the scops and purposes'' of the survey and stated it 'was her desire bring about the best possible D'ace rela tions in the State of Pennsylvania1 Mrs Maud' A Coleman' of Harris burg delivered an address The meeting was held under the direction of A Hamilton Short talks were made by the Rev Allen pastor of Bethesda Presbyter ian Church and if JNforsell secretaryofcthe Colored CA: nemploy merit In Cleveland Growing loved" But could not save No one knows much I miss you Since' the hour you passed away But I hope that I will meet vou On that bright and perfect day HIS WIE LULA E' SMITH A Campbell Director of Ne gro Welfare In Michigan has issued a warning to mirgrants attracted to that slate by flattering land offers py real estate sharks "Very little fertile or able' soil is being olfered agencies as Miehigan has pt acres of worthless land particul arly in Leka County and parts of Newaygo and Manistee counties and strenuous efforts are being made by shady realestate dealers to un load this he Aid to Newcomers Michigan has a large average of good larni land' and the Negro Di vision is making special efforts to have them tenanted either through rental or purchases by the new comers from the South Inquiries from interested persons will be wel comed The stale department will take authentic reports on all Mich igan land Mr Campbell saysjhat with only partial knowledge of the Michigan Certified Land Act there ts small possibility for one to become Victim ized in land swindles in Michigan as under the law the buyer can and is advised to insist upon dealing only with accredited real estate firms that is firms registered with the Michigan Department of Agricul ture 'The prospective purchaser should also ipsst upon seeing a de tailed report on the question as sub mitted by tiie State Land Examiner Cities 'Overcrow dctl Mr Campuell also points out that a recent survey of the industrial centers of Mfcnigan particularly Detroit lint and Muskegon shows an overcrowded condition that is dapgerous to the health and morals of the new comers ami seriously af fects the social and industrial status of the' Negt family Mi' Campbell relieves trial a tarm movement will remedy this condition as i well as place the race in Michigan on a lirnier foundation of independence Census Errs trvl Reb ca 19 LeRoy 24 Washing ton lcssie 22 Washington James 33 780 Sara toga Lena 35 Charles 22 21 Castle: Marie 19 ROBERTS BROWN 21 1725 Madison Ave Cora 23 i CARD THANK Mrs Nora Scott' of Ixindover Md wishes to thank the many friends for the beautiful tlorjtl tributes at the death of her husband Richard Scott Ciiariestn Va Bail3 I Charleston Va ConfJ the issue through three courts local branch of A headed by Attorney succeeded jin a from" nere i Mr Nutter AV 1' xj a viftuown Mayor Wo as a violation of the specKt which colored leaders ptu th a the 1919 legislature expre T11 bidding such a lated to stir up rat la! hatj The theatre company then seenn Injunction in the Common Court The Asso tion 7 the Virtuii Court and had th junction dissolved The theatre appealed utol the Supreme which decided in favor of the ciatiou st I 1 1 Editor Made Trustee i BY HER DEVOTED MOTHER MRS IDA DICKERSON 1 saw vou suffer and heard you sigh With throbbing heart and streaming Leaving sorrow in our hearts to mourn And a vacant chair in our home DEVOTED CHILDREN' WILLIE 1U1 KlbliiK SMIT In sad but lovin my husband Daniel departed this life April 5 1924 Still in the night the tars are Upon a lonely grave: mos 815 Stricker Jane Nelson u2 oL George Carroll 6b Rosa A Scott Nellie enney 24 2101 Linden Pearlie Davis 38 813 Tessier Norma Howman 1 i Mannte Dickerson 45 15 William Jackson 11 mos Charles ('ooper 52 2214 Hunter Thereasa White 18 ii'c Josephine Carroll 41 5( enters th who know door 1 the value of co op eration with cash friendship' health and who wins a '514 WHAT 'OU LOA 1 BBS I THC PI I OUGHT' POkP TlPOE AT NlGlT? I A corioi c1 inc nn rot a TDmni9 rant ic I I rt ivk rxiri inr I Al TiPPC GOT LJHTCH irm il i ilji i i utif' won A NTH PD f'? Mi I st DB i I KISS A A rrrJ A tie is 1 fr 2 MWt WE IT Ui A 4" i TS i TI ffl CS 't mH Is Captured I 7 obs 3 EB3W i il im Ma I1 I i i 1 1 4 I I 4 There wi 7 ri OV I i 4 I Il I 8 Sgl I Bi li 4 ot HI 3 Mi Mi 5: Hi fifteen years I lilih Bfi I Id 111 li EoL itl 1 Iv kLa Hlffi gaOa HaHg a II 11 II gjjggH i I i r1 i ii '5 i I 1 If li'I IH I'f si I i Ufa' A' I i I ri'K I I Av in III 1 fc oi A 1 Bia A of iivne AI I A sir i Sept12 Ji I I 1 As JB Wi.

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